I spoke at my very first conference in 2014 and enjoy spreading my knowledge since. I see my talks as little "acts" where I not only stand in front of people and share the topics that I feel passionate about, but I also try to make my talks engaging for the audience. This includes live demos, building a PHP package live on stage, or interacting with Alexa while I give my talk.

Below is a list of all my talks, that I have given over the course of the last years.

Video highlights

From zero to multi-platform Chatbot with BotMan

Have you tried to write a Chatbot for multiple messaging platforms like Facebook or Slack? It is quite cumbersome as each messaging platform has its own way of communicating with your application. Let us find out how to simplify this task and create an intelligent Chatbot using PHP and BotMan.

Alexa, let's build a voice powered app

With devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, voice assistants have gotten into our lives. It’s undisputed that voice-powered applications can have a tremendous impact on your life and your business. Let’s try and build a voice-powered application ourselves and even summon Alexa on stage.

Announcing Flare

From January to August 2019 I've worked on a secret project, together with Freek van der Herten and the Spatie team. At Laracon EU we announced the results: Flare - the error tracker for Laravel - and Ignition, a beautiful new error page for Laravel.

My talks

From zero to multi-platform Chatbot with BotMan

  • PHP Serbia on Video
  • PHP UK Conference on Video
  • International PHP Conference on Video
  • Laracon EU on Video
  • Laravel Liva India on

Package development 101

  • Laracon AU on
  • Laracon US on
  • Laravel Live UK on

Our secret project (Flare)

  • Laracon EU Amsterdam on Video

Getting started with WebSockets

Realtime applications with Laravel

  • Laracon EU Madrid on
  • Laracon Online on

Extending Laravel Nova

  • Laracon EU on Video

Alexa, let's build a voice powered app

  • Laracon EU on Video
  • Full Stack Antwerp on
  • PHP fwdays, Kyiv on Video

Visual Regression Testing for Laravel

  • Laravel Serbia on Video

Develop native apps with Appcelerator Titanium

  • Mobile Tech Con on